White Marble Carrara Quarries

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White Marble Carrara Quarries

Just 60 minutes far from the Hotel Grande Albergo in Sestri Levante you will find fantastic marble quarries that can be visited...

Unforgettable and unique visit to the three marble basins of  Torano, Fantiscritti and Colonnata awaits you. Along the route of the former Marble Railway, visitors make a spectacular journey, passing over the bridges of Vara and inside the suggestive tunnels dug into the rock, to discover the quarries, from which the white marble of Carrara.

Torano basin
The Torano Basin is among the three the most "lunar" due to the strong crushing of numerous sections of the mountain. It takes its name from the village of the same name, the charming hamlet of Toran.

Fantiscritti basin
It’s the heart of the Carrara marble deposit. His suggestive vision of the Bridges of Vara is a classic visual stereotype of the Carrarese quarries; an overall view of considerable effect, both during the day of the sunny midday and in the magical atmosphere of the night, when the moon deepens the shadows and the suffused glow of the rocks.

Colonnata basin
It is the easternmost of the three Carrarese basins: going up the municipal road to Colonnata from the Ponte di Ferro (built in 1875), one of the oldest of the Marmifera Railway where numerous sawmills meet, heirs of the primitive seventeenth-eighteenth-century plants for cutting slabs formerly driven by the driving force of the waters.

At the Check Point headquarters in Viale XX Settembre, in the Stadio area, groups can collect their pass for a visit by Bus

To visit the quarries on your own you can:

- Go up by car / motorbike from Carrara towards the Fantiscritti and Colonnata Basins, to admire the suggestive mining landscape and visit:

Museum Cava Danesi

Cava Galleria Ravaccione

Cava 177

It is possible to reach the marble basins of Colonnata and Fantiscritti by taxi - Centralino Taxi Carrara: tel. 0585-72277

To reach the town of Colonnata it is also possible to take bus n ° 50, which leaves from Carrara center - Hospital terminal - and takes about 15-20 minutes to get there.